Classroom Information
Welcome to Pre-K A, Room 9. Our theme for the 2015/2016 school year is Mundy's 
where every child in Pre-K A is a STAR! I look forward to an exciting and rewarding experience with your child. Please read the following information about classroom procedures.

Parent/Teacher Relationship:
 I believe that a good parent/teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Throughtout the year, I will communicate with you through notes, newsletters and parent/teacher conferences. 

Green Crayon Tags:
 Please fill out and secure the green crayon tag on your child's backpack. Please leave it on for the first two weeks of school. 

Folders: Folders are our way of communicating with you! Please check your child's folder everyday for important papers, newsletters and your child's work. Folders are to cleaned out everyday and return only the items that I request be sent back. All correspondence should be done through the folder.

Lunch Tickets: Please have your child's lunch ticket in an envelope with their name and lunch choice on it. The envelop is to be placed in your child's folder. 

Snack/Lunch: Please provide a healthy snack and drink in a separate bag (brown lunch bag) with your child's name on it for snack. Lunch should be in an insulated lunch box with your child's name on it. Please include utensils for food items. 

Allergies: If your child has an allergy, please send in a note listing what he/she is allergic to and explain the allergic reaction. If it is a food allergy, please let me know what your child can and can not have. We have a Special Snack that the children make and eat every month.
There is a shellfish allergy in our class. Do not send in any type of shellfish for snack or lunch. Tuna fish is allowed. 

Absences: If your child is absent from school, please call the school nurse by 9:30AM. Upon returning to school, please provide an absent note in your child's folder.

Extra Clothing: Please keep an extra set of clothing, including socks, in your child's backpack in a plastic bag. 

Pictures: During the school year, I will take pictures of your child. They will be used for projects, bulletin boards and may be in the school paper and/or local paper. If you do not want your child's picture in any of the above, please send in a note.

Bathroom: Please make sure your child uses the bathroom before coming to school. Your child should be able to manage all types of clothing (belts, buttons, zippers) on their own. 

Rest Time/Mats: After lunch, we have rest time. Every child needs a resting mat for rest time. The mats are $25.00 each payable by cash or check made out to St. Joseph School. 

Scholastic Reading Club: Every month your child will bring home Scholastic Reading Club order forms. It has wonderful prices on books, CD's, games, etc. for you to purchase for your child. Every item ordered awards points towards items we can purchase for the classroom. Cash or check made out to Scholastic Reading Club for the full amount of your purchase is to be sent in with the order form. If you would like to pay by credit card online ordering is available. GO to and use our class code HJY9H. Any order, even one dollar will earn our class points. All orders are greatly appreciated.