Skills to Practice with your Child

Skills to Practice with Your Child

Be sure to use everyday experiences to review colors and shapes with your child. You can have your child identify colors and shapes while you are shopping in a store, taking a walk, or just looking around your home. You can even begin to practice looking for numbers and letters, as well!

You should help your child to practice holding crayons and pencils properly. Encourage him or her to color with a back and forth motion to fill in areas completely. You can also use a yellow highlighter to draw lines and shapes that your child can trace with a pencil.

Please be sure to provide your child with the opportunity to practice cutting in a supervised setting.  Remember to look at the back of projects that are going home to see what your child needs to practice (such as holding the scissors properly, cutting on a line, or holding and turning the paper while cutting).

Take a few extra minutes to show your child how to put on his own coat, hat, and mittens. Encourage your child to hang up her own coat on the hook and to put her lunchbox on the proper shelf once you arrive at school. Teach your child how to open up a juice box or container at snack and meal time. It is never too early to foster some independence in your child! 

Above all, always remember that learning can and should be FUN!!