Social Studies


Week of November 5, 2018

Veterans Day
This week, students will read a Scholastic News edition about a special group of women who served our country during World War Two.  They will also learn about the US armed forces and what it means to be a veteran in preparation for our Veterans Day Assembly this Friday.  Students will also make cards for two veterans who will be part of our assembly.

Unit One:  Governing the People

Essential Question:  How does a government make laws to help people be safe and get along?

In this unit, students will learn how Americans choose leaders and make laws.  They will learn about the rights and responsibilities they have as citizens.  Students will compare governments of a community, a state, and our country.

Lesson 4: Our Country's Government

1.  A capital is a city in which a state’s or country’s government meets and works.

2.  Congress is the lawmaking branch of our country’s government.

3.  The Supreme Court decides on laws for the whole country.

4.  The Constitution is a written set of rules that the government must follow.

Lesson 5:  Community and State Governments

1. The council is a group of people chosen by 
citizens to make choices for them.

2.  A state’s legislature is a group of elected citizens who makes decisions for the state.

Lesson 3:  Our Leaders

1. Election is a time when people vote for their leaders.

2. The mayor is the leader of a city or town government.  The mayor makes important decisions for a community.

3. The governor is the leader of the state’s government.  Every state has a governor.  The governor of New York State is Andrew Cuomo.

4. The president is the leader of the United States government.  Our leader is President Donald Trump.

Lesson 2:  Government for the People

1. Government is a group of citizens that runs the community.  They make laws to keep citizens safe.  It makes sure that people get along.

2. A judge is the person in charge of a court.  The judge makes sure that the court protects the rights of all citizens.

3. A government service is something that the government of a community provides for all citizens.  This includes building roads, schools, and parks.  Police and fire departments are also government services.

4. A tax is money people pay to the government.  The government decides how the tax money will be spent.

Lesson 1:  Citizens in a Community


1.  A community is a group of people who live or work together.
It is also the place where people live.

2. Citizens are the people who live in and belong to the community.

3.  A right is a kind of freedom.  Freedom of speech is one right we have as American citizens.

4.  A responsibility is something that a person should take care of or do.  It is my responsibility to complete homework assignments.

5.  A law is a rule people in a community must follow.  A speed limit law keeps people safe.

6.  A consequence is something that happens because of what a person does.  The consequence of speeding is a ticket from a police officer.