English Language Arts (ELA)
Week of May 29, 2018--June 25, 2018

*Students will continue to have weekly spelling words and work on writing skills in Readers Notebook, in addition to creating their own writing pieces.
Students will finish reading all Life Cycle books and complete corresponding worksheets.
Students will be assigned to a literary circle and read a chapter book in class.

Lesson 20:
 Heroic Contributions

Essential Question:
 What makes someone a hero?

  Dex: The Heart of a Hero (Fantasy)
              Heroes Then and Now (Informational Text Biography)

Foundational Skills

High Frequency Words:     I've                 laugh
                                      begins             ready
                                      being              stood
                                      flower             tall
                                      ground            very

Phonics:  Words with or, ore

Target Skill:  Compare and Contrast

Target Strategy:  Monitor/Clarify


Target Vocabulary:
     depended                gazing
                                sore                        hero
                                sprang                    exercise
                                studied                   overlooked
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Lesson 20

 Grammar:  Commas in a Series

Vocabulary Strategies:  Prefix over-

Spelling Words:   horn          morning
                         story         shore
                         fork          short
                         score        born
                         store         tore
                         corn          forget