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From the Desk of Mr. Clareen


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Welcome to an exciting 2018-2019 school year, here at St. Joseph School!

The middle school social studies curriculum at St. Joseph School is rich in ensuring students are able to use the skills of inquiry, questioning, and analysis in order to understand the concepts covered in the classroom. Throughout the academic year, the teacher emphasizes the importance of being able to write in coherent and logical sentences. Common instruction involves reading primary source documents and informational text, which allows the student to derive meaning and sharpen their reading comprehension abilities. During classroom conversations, which happen often, the teacher encourages the students to share their thoughts about topics and concepts; ensuring the students use relevant information to support their claims. Incorporating reading and writing strategies which can assist students in examining texts in all subjects will be an objective for all students.

Furthermore, civic awareness and service are emphasized as a critical component of the classroom.  As we study the history of the United States and our global society, we will be connecting to past lessons and examining this history as it relates to us as citizens. Each week the class participates in,
Current Event Fridays; during these lessons students read newspaper articles, watch news broadcasts, and have a discussion of how current events influence our lives on Long Island and the greater nation. Through this, it is hoped that students will incorporate historical developments with current topics and personal reflections and evaluations. Overall, the social studies classes at St. Joseph School provide students with the opportunity to explore the past and the achievements of those who have come before use; while also using the lessons from history to shape our actions and decisions in today’s society.

Yours in History,

Mr. Matthew Clareen
Middle School Social Studies Teacher

St. Joseph School
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