Health 5th-8th

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               Welcome to Health

         During the 2018/2019 school year, you child will be doing a health course.  Health will be either once a week or every other week on Friday depending on the class week. Some of the topics in Health we will be covering are Nutrition, Human Body,  Understanding Health and Wellness, Physical Activity, Five Components of Fitness, Personal Safety, and Communicable and Noncommunicable diseases. 
          In Health, we will be doing projects and fun activities that go along with the Health curriculum.  There will be projects and assignments that go with each lesson that they learned each Friday. 

Friday 9/14 Due Monday 9/17
5th-What are Health and Wellness ditto 
6th-WB page 9 lesson 1 & page 11
7th- WB page 9 lesson 1 & page 11
8th- WB page 17 lesson 1 & page 19

Thursday 10/3 Due Tuesday- 10/9
5th-No H.W
6th- What is a role model and who their role model is
7th- No H.W
8th- No H.W
Friday 10/19 Due Monday- 10/23
5th- lesson 3 ditto 
6th-Write ways you can cope with stress 
7th-#6 on page 51
8th- #6 on page 68

Friday 11/9 Due Tuesday- 11/ 13

5th- lesson 5 ditto 
6th-No H.W
7th- 5 components of fitness quiz 
8th- No H.W
Friday 11/30 Due Monday 12/3
5th- No H.W 
6th- Page 77 questions #1-5
7th-food health chart 

Thursday/Friday Due Monday 12/17
6th- Page 85 #1-4
8th-WB page 79-80 lesson 1&2 & page 82-83

Friday 1/25 Due Monday 28th 
5th- Packet on the human body 
6th-WB pages 25 lesson 1 & page 27
7th- WB pages 24 lesson 1-2 & pages 26-27
8th- page 285 #6
Friday 2/8 Due Monday 11th 
5th- Read lesson 2 & page B13 #1-5
6th-No H.W
7th-page 121 #1-6
8th-No H.W

Friday March 8th Due Monday 11th 
5th- Questions #1-4 on page B19
6th-Quick write page 102
8th-No H.W