8th Grade Science
   Welcome to 8th Grade 
                                                  Earth Science  

Science is a beautiful gift to humanity, we should not distort it  
                                                                                     ~Abdul Kalam
Chapter 3: Minerals 
Section 1: Properties of Minerals 
Section 2: How Minerals Form 
Section 3 : Using Mineral Resources 

Week of September 4th to 7th 
Tuesday- Look over first day sheet have you and parent/guardian sign (due 7th) & read section 1 pages 66-74
Vocab words given out quiz 9/18
Wednesday- Define vocab words 

Thursday- Questions #1abc &2abc

Friday- Make flashcards for vocab words 

Week of September 10th to 14th 
​Monday- Read section 2 pages 76 -79
Tuesday- Ditto front/back 
Wednesday- Read pages 80-85
Thursday- Study for vocab quiz 
Friday- Health day 

Week of September 17th to 21st 
Monday- ditto front and back 
Chapter 3 test 9/21 
Tuesday- Start studying for test & get quiz signed
Wednesday- Assembly during science 
Thursday- Study guide will be given out; finish study guide
Friday- Study for Chapter 3 test  
*Chapter 3 test 9/24 new date 

Chapter 4: Rocks 
section 1: Classifying rocks 
section 2: Igneous rocks 
section 3: Sedimentary rocks 
section 4: Rocks from reefs
section 5: The rock cycle 

Week of September 24th to 28th
Monday- Chapter 3 test 

Tuesday- Read/outline section 1 page 94-97 & get chapter 3 test quiz 
Wednesday- No H.W
Vocab words given out for chapter 4: Quiz 10/9
Thursday- Read section 2 
Friday- Questions page 101 do ALL 

Week of October 1st to 5th
Monday- Section 1 & 2 questions 
Tuesday- Finish section 3 notes 
Wednesday- Study for vocab quiz 
Thursday- Health day 
Friday- Half day 

Week of October 8th to 12th 

Monday- No school 
Tuesday- WB pages 55-59
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Write paragraph on what you have learned about chasing coral
Friday- WB page 60-62

Week of October 15th to 19th 
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Read sections 1-5 
Chapter 4 test will be 10/29
Thursday- Ditto front/back, Read and outline section 6 pages 114-116 & do questions on page 116 #1abc ( Due Tuesday) 
Friday- Health day 

Week of October 22nd to 26th 
Monday- Testing 
Tuesday- Review guide given out: finish for H.W 
Wednesday- Study for chapter 4 test ( Monday 10/29) 
Thursday- Testing 
Friday- No school 

Week of October 29th to November 2nd 
Monday- Chapter 4 test 
Tuesday- Read chapter 5 section 1 
Chapter 5 vocab words given out: Quiz November 13th 
Wednesday- Questions #1-4 Plate Tectonics Project
Plate Tectonics Project given out: Due November 14th 
Thursday- No School 
Friday- No H.W
Progress reports were given out (due Monday 11/5) 

Week of November 5th to 9th 
Monday- Ditto front/ back section 1
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- No H.W 
Thursday- Field trip 

Week of November 13th to 16th 
Monday- No school 
Tuesday- Read/ outline section 2 & Plate Tectonics project due tomorrow 
Wednesday- WB page 73-75 & ditto front and back 
Thursday- finish reading/ outlining section 2 
Friday- No H.W 

Week of November 19th to 21st
Monday- Section 3 questions  
Tuesday- Finish lab 
Wednesday- Half Day 
Friday- No school 

Week of November 26th to 30th 
Monday- Finish section 4 outline 
Tuesday- front/back ditto 
Wednesday- finish lab 
Thursday- No H.W
Chapter 5 test 12/7
Friday- Health 

Week of December 3rd to 7th 
Monday- Read section 5 
Tuesday- finish questions on page 154
Wednesday- Read chapter 5 
*Chapter 5 test date changed 12/10
Thursday- Chapter 5 review guide given out: start studying 

Week of December 10th to 14th 
Monday- Chapter 5 test 
Tuesday- Finish defining vocab words 
Chapter 6 vocab words given out: quiz 1/3 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Health day 
Friday- Half day 

Week of December 17th to 21st 
Monday- No H.W ( did not see today due to concert rehearsal) 
Tuesday- Bring index cards to class tomorrow  

Chapter 6: Earthquakes 
Section 1: Forces in Earth's Crust 
Section 2: Earthquakes and Seismic Waves 
Section 3: Monitoring Earthquakes 
Earthquake Safety 

January 2nd to 4th 

Wednesday- Study for chapter 6 vocab quiz 
Thursday-Questions page 168 do ALL (due Monday) 
Friday- Half day 

January 7th to 11th
Monday- Read section 2 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- NYS practice questions 24-46 
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- Health 

January 14th to 18th 
Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- work on project 
Earthquake project given out: due 1/30th 
Wednesday- Look through the coach book  
Coach books were given out for NYS science test 
Thursday- No H.W 

January 21st to 25th 
Monday- No school
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Finish part 2 of NYS practice test  
Tuesday- No H.W 

Week of January 28th to February 1st 
Monday- finish project: due 1/30th 
Tuesday- project due tomorrow & if you need supplies for part 2 
Wednesday- Questions page 183
Chapter 6 test 2/12th 

Week of February 4th to 8th 
Monday- Study for NYS practice quiz  
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- finish outlining section 4
Thursday- review guide (due Monday) 
Chapter 6 test date changed to 2/13
Progress reports given out today: due 2/11 
Science experiment paragraph due 2/28 and project due March 21st 
Friday- Health day

Week of February 25th to March 1st 
Monday- Chapter 7 vocab words finish defining & coach lessons 8-11 read and outline  (due Wednesday) 
Chapter 7 vocab quiz: 3/11
Tuesday- coach lessons 8-11 
Wednesday- Coach lessons 12- 15 due Monday 
Thursday- No H.W 
Friday- Half day 

Week of March 4th to 8th 
Monday- Coach lesson 16-18 due Thursday 
Tuesday- finish part 2 on pretest in coach book 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Coach lesson 19-23 due 3/14
Friday- Health day 

Week of 11th to 15th 
Monday- coach lessons due Thursday
Tuesday- Finish Lab 
Wednesday- coach lessons 19-23 
Thursday- Coach lessons 24-28 due 3/20
Friday- No H.W

Week of 18th to 22nd 

Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- Coach lessons 
Wednesday- Coach lessons 29-32 due 3/26
Science fair project due tomorrow 

Week of March 25th to 29th 
Monday- Finish outline for section 3 & coach lessons are due tomorrow 
Tuesday- Coach lessons 33-37 due Tuesday 4/2
April 8th NYS Multiple choice quiz 
Wednesday- No H.W 
Thursday- No H.W 
Friday- Ditto font/back 

Week of April 1st to 5th 
Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- No H.W 
Chapter 7 test 4/17
Wednesday- Finish read/outline section 4
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Friday- Half day 

Week of April 29th to May 3rd 

Monday- Coach lessons 43-47 due may 2nd 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Coach lessons due tomorrow 

Week of May 6th to 10th 
Monday- Coach lessons 48-51 due Thursday

Week of May 13th to 17th 
Monday- No H.W 
Friday- Coach lessons 61-69 due Wednesday 5/22