7th Grade Science
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              Welcome to 7th grade Life Science 

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge                                                                       ~ Sagan                                                                                                                        

Chapter 3: Cell Processes ad Energy                                                              
Section 1: Chemcial Compounds in Cells
Section 2: The Cell in Its Environment
Section 3: Photosynthesis
Section 4: Respiration
Section 5: Cell Division


Week of September 5th through 8th

Tuesday- Get hand out signed for science and health 
Wednesday- Vocab page 74, reread section 1 & highlight notes/ add notes 
Thursday- Finish WB pages 39-41 & Ditto front and back 
Friday- Finish Vocab page 80 & read section 3 page 80-85
Week of September 11th to 15th 
Monday- Page 85 questions #1ab,2abc & 3abc 
Tuesday- Ditto 9 questions for section 2
Study Vocab quiz Monday on section 1- 3 
Wednesday- highlight notes/ add notes &  put vocab words on index cards from sec 1-3
Thursday- WB page 44-46 & ditto front/back due Monday Study for vocab quiz on section1-3. Quiz on Monday  
Week of September 18th to 22nd 
Monday- Bring in two leaves for lab tomorrow 
Tuesday- Finish Lab; questions on back and 6 questions about experiment 
Wednesday- Page 94 questions #1abcd,2abc
Thursday- Ditto front/back & questions from section 4 #1-5
Friday-Vocab page 95, highlight notes/ add notes & read pages 95-100
Week of September 25th to 29th 
Monday- WB page 50- 53 & ditto front/back 
Chapter 3 test on 10/2 Monday 
Tuesday- Finish lab 
Wednesday- Study guide handed out: finish study guide 
Thursday- Study for test on Monday 

Chapter 4: Genetics : The Science of Heredity
Section 1: Mendel's Work  
Section 2: Probability and Heredity 
Section 3: The cell and inheritance 
Section 4: The DNA connection 

Week of October 2nd to October 6th 
Monday- Test day
Tuesday- Look up 6 facts about Gregor Mendel 
Wednesday- Vocab page 110 & Read section 1 page 110-115
Thursday- Finish questions from section1, WB page 55-57, Ditto front/ back & get test signed 
Vocab quiz on sections 1-4 October 18th 
Friday- Finish lab & questions from section 1 
Week of October 9th to 13th 
Monday- No school!!
Tuesday- Vocab page 118, vocab page 126 & read section 2 pages 118- 123
Wednesday- Questions on page 123 # 1abc,2abc& 3ab due Monday 
Thursday- Vocab for sections 3&4 due Monday 
Friday- Health Day 
Family tree traits project (paper handed out last week) due on Monday 10/16
Week of October 16th to October 20th 
Monday- Testing 
Tuesday- Field trip 
Quiz date changed due to Testing Quiz on sections 1-4 October 23rd 
Wednesday- Testing 
Thursday- Testing 
Friday- Study for quiz on Monday 
Progress reports sent out please sign and hand back by Friday October 27th 
Week of October 23rd to 27th
Monday- Ditto front/back & Read section 3 126- 130 
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Get quiz signed
Thursday- Finish lab due Monday 
Friday- Health day 

Week of October 30th to November 3rd 
Monday- Finish copying figure 13 in notebook. questions page 130 # 1abc, 2abc & 3ab 
Chapter 4 test November 9th 
Tuesday- Questions for section 3 & read section 4 pages 131-137 
* change of date* Chapter 4 test 11/13
Wednesday- No school 
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- Questions page 137 # 1abc,2abc & 3ab

Week of November 6th- 10th
Monday- Ditto front/back & questions from section 4
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Gave out review guide: finish review guide for homework 
Thursday- Study for chapter 4 test on Monday
Friday- No school 

Chapter 5: Modern Genetics 
Section 1: Human Inheritance 
Section 2: Human Genetic Disorders 
Section 3: Advances in Genetics 

Vocabulary words for Chapter 5: QUIZ 11/27
Multiple alleles                 Selective breeding 
sex chromosomes            inbreeding 
sex-linked gene               hybridization
carrier                            clone
Genetic disorder              genetic engineering 
pedigree                         gene therapy 
karyotype                       genome 

Week of November 13th to 17th 
Monday- Test day 
Tuesday- Vocab sec 1 page 144 & read sec 1 page 144- 150
Wednesday- Put vocab sec 1 words on index cards & get test signed 
Thursday- WB page 69-71 & ditto front/back due Monday 
Change date for vocab quiz its 11/29
Friday- Health day 

Week of November 20th to 22nd 
Monday-Vocab for section 2 & 3
Project was given out today. Will have three periods in class to research. Questions due 11/130
Project due 12/14 
Tuesday- Put vocab 1-3 on index cards, start studying for vocab quiz 11/29 & start questions for project due 11/30 
Wednesday- Assembly during science period 
Thursday- Have a Happy Thanksgiving 
Friday- No school 

Week of November 27th to December 1st  
Monday-Start studying for quiz on Wednesday 
Tuesday- Study for vocab quiz 
Wednesday- Read section 2 & questions for project are due tomorrow
Thursday- Questions on page 155 ALL & get quiz signed  
Friday- Questions from section 2 #1-8 & bring in 6 index cards for lab on Monday 

Week of December 4th to 8th 
Monday- Finish lab questions 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Read section 3 
Chapter 5 test on Thursday 12/21
Thursday- Health Day
Friday- No school  

Week of December 11th to 15th 

Monday- Vocab from section 3 
Tuesday- Questions page 162 #1abc & 2abc
Wednesday- Questions from section 3 #1-9
Thursday- Ditto front/back 
Friday- No H.W 

Week of December 18th to 22nd 
Monday- Look over review guide 
Tuesday-Study for chapter test 
Wednesday- Assembly during science: study for chapter test 
Thursday-Test day: Vocabulary sheet for quiz
Chapter 6 vocab quiz 1/9 
Friday- Vocab sheet due Monday 1/2 ( double H.W) 


Chapter 6: Changes Over Time
Section 1: Darwin's Theory 
Section 2: Evidence of Evolution 
Section 3: The fossil Record 

Week of January 2nd to 5th 
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- Finish lab & read section 1 page 172-179

Week of January 8th to 12th 
Tuesday- 10 facts about Darwin
Wednesday- No H.W

Thursday- Questions page 179 # 1abc, 2ab & 3abc ( Due Tuesday)
Friday- Health day 

Week of January 16th to 19th 
Tuesday- Ditto front/back & get quiz signed 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- questions for section1 # 1- 15 & look over notes from section 2 
Friday- Questions page 187 ALL & read over section 2 and notes 

Week of January 22nd to 26th 
Monday- Section 2 questions # 1-7 & read section 3 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Read section 3 
Chapter 6 test 2/5 
Thursday- Research about the Precambrian Time, Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era & Cenozoic Era. Look on pages 194-195 for help (Due Monday)
Friday- Health Day 

Week of January 29th to February 2nd 
Monday- Questions on page 197 #1abc, 2abc, 3abc & 4ab & read section3 and look over notes 
Tuesday-2 hour delay 
Wednesday- Questions for section 3 #1-18
Thursday- Review guide was given out in class. Finish review guide 
Friday- Study for chapter 6 test 

Chapter 14: Bones, Muscles, and Skin 
Section 1: Body Organization and Homeostasis 
Section 2: The Skeletal System 
Section 3: The Muscular System 
Section 4: The Skin

Week of February 5th to 9th

Monday- Test day
Tuesday- Read section 1 
Vocab sheet was given out for chapter 14 section 1 and 2 words: Quiz 2/27
Wednesday- On page 473 do all questions & read section 1 and go over notes 
Progress reports were given out today please sign and give back by Monday 2/12 
Thursday- Questions for section 1 & get test signed 
Friday- Health day 

Week of February 12th to February 16th 

Monday-Start researching skeletal and muscular system 
The skeletal and muscular system project was given out today 
Tuesday- Finish researching both systems and start writing the skeletal system paper 

Chapter 14: Bones, Muscles and Skin 
Section 1: Body Organization and Homeostasis 
Section 2: The Skeletal System 
Section 3: The muscular System 
Section 4: The skin  

Week of February 26th to March 2nd 
Monday- Study for chapter 14 vocab quiz 
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Questions page 481 #1abc,2abc, 3abc & Muscular system paper due 
Thursday- WB page 191-194 & ditto front/back 
Friday- No school

Week of March 5th to 9th 
Monday- Study bones and muscles (hint might be quiz tomorrow ) 
Tuesday- Questions from section 2 #1-21
Wednesday- SNOW DAY 
Thursday- 2 hour delay
Friday- Health Day 

Week of March 19th to 23rd 
Monday- No H.W
Chapter 14 test 3/26
Tuesday- Questions ALL on page 493 
* if snow day tomorrow do WB page 197-198 & ditto front/back

Wednesday- WB page 197-198 & ditto front/back 
Thursday- Snow Day 
Friday- Review guide given out in class: Finish review guide 

Week of March 26th to 28th 

Monday- study for chapter 14 test 
Tuesday- Put vocab words in notebook 
Chapter 15 vocab quiz 4/17 
Wednesday- Science fair packet given out 

Week of April 9th to 13th 

Monday- Vocab words for section 1 in notebook
Tuesday- All questions on page 514 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- No H.W 
Friday- Health day 

Chapter 15: Food and Digestion 
Section 1: Food and Energy 
Section 2: The Digestive Process Begins 
Section 3: Final Digestion and Absorption

Week of April 16th to 20th 
Monday- Ditto front/back & study for chapter 15 vocab quiz 
Digestion project given out: Due May 3rd 
Tuesday- Read/ outline section 2 Pages 516-521 ( due Friday) 
Wednesday- Field Trip
Thursday- Jr Achievement program
Friday- No H.W

Week of April 23rd to 27th 
Monday- No H.W 
Tuesday- Finish section 2 questions, Ditto front/back & get quiz signed 
* Science fair is Thursday 26th at 6pm-8pm Please bring projects to school on Thursday 
Wednesday- Read/outline section 3 pages 524-527 & bring in science fair project 

Week of April 30th to May 4th 
Monday- No H.W
Chapter 15 test Friday May 4th 
Tuesday- WB page 212 & read chapter 15 
Just a reminder project due May 3rd 
Thursday- Study for Chapter 15 test 
Friday- No H.W

Chapter 16: Circulation 
Section 1: The Body's Transport System
Section 2: Blood and Lymph 
Section 3: Cardiovascular 

Week of May 7th to 11th 
Monday- Section 1 vocab words in notebook 
Chapter 16 vocab words given out: quiz 5/17
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Read/outline blood pressure & do questions on page 543 ALL 
Thursday- Ditto front/back Due Monday 
Friday- Health 

Week of May 14th to 18th 
Monday- Finish Heart beat Lab 
Tuesday- Read/outline page 545 to 548 end at platelets 
Wednesday- Study for chapter 16 vocab quiz 
Thursday- No H.W

Week of May 21st to 25th
Monday- Field trip 
Tuesday- Read lesson 3 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Finish reading/ outline for section 3 pages 552-556 & WB page 224
Chapter 16 test June 16th 
Friday- Health day 

Week of May 29th to June 1st 
Monday- OFF 
Tuesday- Read chapter 16 
Wednesday- No H.W
Friday- Start studying for chapter 16 test 

Week of June 4th to 8th 
Monday- Finish review guide & study for chapter 16 test
Tuesday- Study for chapter 16 test 
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Read/ outline section 1 pages 564- 567 (due Monday)
Friday- Health day 

Week of June 11th to 15th 
Monday- Read/outline rest of section 1
Tuesday- No H.W
Wednesday- Field day 
Thursday- Ditto Front/back