5th Grade Science
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5th Grade Science
~Science may set limits to knowledge; but should not set limits to imagination~
Chapter 1: Classifying Organisms 
Lesson 1: Why do we classify? 
Lesson 2: How do we classify vertebrates? 
Lesson 3: How do we classify invertebrates? 
Lesson 4: How are other organisms classified? 

Week of September 4th to 7th 
Tuesday- Look over first day sheet have you and parent/guardian sign (due 7th) 
Vocab words given out quiz 9/18
Wednesday- Finish defining vocab words & WB pages 1-3
Thursday- Look up 5 organisms Lewis and Clark discovered 
Friday- Make flash cards with vocab quiz words

Week of September 10th to 14th 
Monday- No H.W
Tuesday- Make  a Venn Diagram for reptiles and birds 
Wednesday- CKpt questions lesson 2 #1-7
Thursday- Study for vocab quiz
Chapter 1 vocab quiz Monday 9/17
Friday- Health day

Week of September 17th to 21st
Monday- Study for vocab quiz 
Tuesday- No H.W

Endangered species project was given out part one due 9/26 

Chapter 1 test 9/24 (date could change) 
Wednesday- Finish rough draft of endangered species & read sections 1&2 
Thursday- CKpt questions #1-3 & WB 6A
Friday- Read section 4 
Quizlet for Chapter 1 test: https://quizlet.com/_3qdwzy
*Chapter 1 new date for test 9/28

Week of September 24th to 28th 

Monday- CKpt lesson 4 questions & WB page 7A
Tuesday- Study guide was given out; finish study guide & go on the quizlet 
Endangered species project due tomorrow 
Wednesday- Look over review guide and quizlet 
Thursday- Study for chapter 1 test 
Friday- Chapter 1 test 

Chapter 2: Cells to Systems 
lesson 1: What is inside a cell?
lesson 2: How do cells work together? 
lesson 3: How do organs work together? 

Week of October 1st to 5th 

Monday- Chapter 3 test corrections
Chapter 4 vocab words given out: Quiz 10/16 
Tuesday- WB page 11
Wednesday- No H.W
Thursday- Health day 
Friday- WB page 14A

Week of October 8th to 12th 

Monday- No School 
Tuesday- Define parts of animal and plant cell 
Wednesday- Lesson 1 questions 
Thursday- No H.W
Chapter 2 test 10/29 ( date could change) 
Friday- WB page 15A 

Week of October 15th to 19th 
Monday- Study for vocab quiz (10/17)  
Tuesday- No school 
Wednesday- Read lesson 3 pages 46-49 
Bone Sheet given out (hint could be a surprise quiz on Monday)  
Thursday- Look over quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_3uxi1j
Friday- Health day 

Week of October 22nd to 26th
Monday- Testing 
Tuesday- CKpt lesson 3 questions # 1-3
Wednesday- Study guide was given out: finish for H.W
Thursday- Study for Chapter 2 test (10/29) 
Friday- No school 

Week of October 29th to November 2nd
Monday- Chapter 2 test 
Tuesday- Finish defining chapter 3 vocab words & read chapter 3 lesson 1
Chapter 3 vocab words given out: Quiz November 13th 
Wednesday- Questions for body system project 
Body System project given out: Due November 15th 
Thursday- No School 
Friday- No H.W 
Progress reports were given out (due Monday 11/5) 

Chapter 3: Human Body Systems 

Lesson 1: What is the circulatory system? 
Lesson 2: What is the respiratory system? 
Lesson 3: What are the digestive and urinary system?  

Week of November 5th to 9th

Monday- Key points for body system (due Wednesday)
Tuesday- No School 
Wednesday- Put vocab words on index cards 
Friday- Health day 

Week of November 13th to 16th 
Monday- No school 
Tuesday- Look over lesson1 and notes 
* Taking chapter 4 vocab quiz again tomorrow; two quizzes will be averaged into one grade
Wednesday- Ckpt questions and WB page 24A 
Body systems project due tomorrow 
Thursday- No H.W
Friday- finish lab questions & lesson 1 questions 

Week of November 19th to 21st 
Monday- Draw Respiratory diagram on page 71 in notebook