Religion Grade 7

~Mission Collection Every Tuesday~ Goal - 100% Participation` 7th Grade Religion

We Live Our Faith….As Disciples of Jesus

We Live Our Faith As Disciples of Jesus centers on Jesus’ life, his teaching, and the sacraments he instituted.  It presents Jesus’ call to each person to become his disciple and the ways in which his teachings, his sacraments, and his Church nourish people for discipleship. This year the seventh grade class has decided to dedicate their efforts to support victims of the hurricanes (Harvey & Irma), specifically St. Joseph schools or parishes, through bake sales (every Thursday and Friday), monetary collections (every Tuesday) and car wash(es). Each month St. Joseph school has a school wide religion project. For the month of September the project was to reflect on the "Nativity of the Blessed Mother." Through art the students would draw an image of their and God's aspirations for themselves. Through this project they would reflect on their journey through this world and realize that they are all children and gifts from God. Their works of art will then be displayed in the hallways. In October the theme revolves around Happy Halloween: words related to Halloween, the history of Halloween, and the Day of the Dead. An assembly will be held on Friday, September 27th.

Unit 1:  Who is God?

Focusing on the Creed and Divine Revelation

Unit 2:  Who is Jesus?

Focusing on Jesus in the Gospels and through Church teaching

Unit 3:  How is Jesus Christ Alive in the Church today?

Focusing on the sacraments and liturgy

Unit 4:  How does the Church Live as the Body of Christ?

Focusing on Catholic social doctrine and vocations

Liturgical Chapters:  Liturgical Calendar, The Liturgical Year, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Triddum, Easter, Ascension, Ordinary Time Resources: Diocese of Rockville Center United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Long Island Catholic Bible-Online Daily Readings Liturgical Calendar 2018 Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy-Plaum Catholic Social Teachings-USCCB Catholic Social Teachings/Seven Themes-USCCB Religious Icons Videos Draw Near-A Video Guide to the Catholic Mass The Nativity Story