7th Grade

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!!

 Hand Writing With Pen.png

This week we continue enjoying  Writer's Workshop.  I asked the students to have a floppy binder, pencil case, pens, and looseleaf.  It is necessary for them to have the supplies, so they can stay organized.  I divide the binder in two parts: writing and grammar. 

This week finds us putting finishing touches on  our first piece.  On Monday and Tuesday, we will have time to make final corrections, complete our rubric, and have our last focus share.  I will be conferencing with the students to check on their progress.  The final copy is due on Wednesday.  It should appear in this order: cover, final copy, sloppy copy, rubric, and Dear Mrs. R.  I would like to have an author share on Wednesday.

 **Don't forget about your "Booktalk" for November!  You did such an awesome job last month; let's keep it going!!

 The standards we will hit this week include: Language #6, Writing #2, Speaking & Listening #1.

I would like to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Much love,

Mrs. R