6th Grade

Just a few notes as we begin the week...

This week finds us finishing up "Bodies from the ash: Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii."  On Monday, there will be an open-book reading comprehension test.  
On Tuesday, I will introduce the new vocabulary in context for "Harriet Tubman."  We will have a pretest with our new spelling words.  The students will add 5 of the vocabulary in context words to the list.  They will participate in a close read before we set the purpose for our weekly reading.   By Thursday, we will be comparing/contrasting 2 pieces of poetry to our anchor piece.   The grammar monster has us dealing with adjectives and adverbs.

**Last week, I asked the students to gather information on the bridge they chose to research. I gave the children a folder so they wouldn't lose anything.  I need all students to have this folder in class every Thursday and Friday.  I will be working with them individually on the essential questions.

**There will be no booktalk this month because we are working on the research paper.

The standards I expect to hit this week include: Language #6 and Reading Informational Text#3 & #6.

Much love,

Mrs. Reina