5th Grade




This week finds us in the anthology revisiting "A Package For Mrs. Jewls".  The students read the story last week.  We will revisit and review all the things good readers do as they read.  Last week, I also introduced the spelling list  There will be a spelling test on Wednesday.  We are working on sentence structure...subject and predicate.  We will be getting back to our piece after the spelling test on Wednesday.  I will be sending home a letter that explains the skills from Mrs. Jewls.  Look for it in your student's "Home Folder"!!
The standards I expect to hit this week are: Reading Literature #3, Language #6, and Writing #4.  We should be answering to W#4 with a graphic by Thursday!

**If I don't have your picture, please bring it in this week!  I want to see all of your beautiful faces on the bulletin board!!

Much love,
Mrs. Reina