25 Book Reports

      Students in grades 2-8 are encouraged to read 25 books by June and complete a short book report on each book they have read. I will supply the book report templates. Students are responsible for seeing me for additional book report templates as needed.

       When they complete a book report, send it into school and I will reward them with a sticker on our class chart. The students will earn a “No Homework” coupon when they have completed the required number of reports. I have broken this requirement up by trimester to make it less overwhelming. The students must complete 8 reports by 11/25, 9 reports by 2/29, and the last 8 reports by 5/31. Please make sure your child stays on track!

      Please be certain that the books your child chooses to read are appropriate. If you are unsure about your child’s book selections, send me a note. You can also check with the librarians in the Children’s Section of your local library for grade appropriate suggestions. Thank you for your support.