ELA Grades 5-8

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The goal of our English Language Arts program here at St. Joseph is to create life-long, independent learners.  We meet the rigors of the state standards in many ways.

Students read equal amounts of fiction and informational text.
All text is appropriately complex.
Students work with exemplar texts and anchor texts during first, second, and third readings.
Students develop the practice of close reading as they work with authentic texts.
Students support their ideas with text based evidence.

Students participate in Writer's Workshop where they engage in a full range of writing including: opinion, informative, narrative, and explanatory pieces.  Students develop research, editing, and revising skills.
Students explore writing to sources as text based evidence is used to validate their ideas.

Speaking and Listening:
Students participate in classroom collaborative discussions.
Text-based discussions prompt students to support ideas.
Students participate in collaborative research and formal presentations.

Students acquire and use grade level vocabulary that is academic and domain-specific.
Students explore strategies dealing with spelling and grammar to connect to their writing.
Students practice revising and proofreading for conventions.