Transition To Middle School
Your child did it! They made it through elementary school with flying colors, and now they're ready to embark on the next phase of their academic journey- the transition to middle school.

Parent participation in education is closely related to student achievement. Both of you will be affected by this change to middle school. The key during adolescence is to balance your support while promoting responsibility and independence in your child. So, what can we do to help this transition process?

Provide the supplies from class lists. Ask to see your student’s agenda and assignment notebook with communications from the teachers.


·   Organization and time management skills must be developed so students will not feel overwhelmed. Be sure to provide a quiet study area and expect to see your child working regularly on homework and long-term projects.


·   It is important that students at this age start to be accountable. Allow your child to take responsibility for his or her own work.


·  Check the school calendar and website in order know when report cards go out and any dates of special activities.


·  Talk to your child about school and peers. Listen for comments that reflect what they are feeling and thinking. Expect your child to make mistakes and have personal struggles. Give them time to think and make decisions about how to handle their problems and deal with the consequences.


· Peer acceptance and self–esteem concerns become increasingly important. Provide opportunities for your child to develop their interests and socialize with friends, but be sure to monitor their choices.