8th grade

1.Meet Your School Counselor Activity- This week I introduced myself and my role as your child's school counselor. I will be teaching classroom lessons and helping your child have a great year! School Counselors often check in with students to help them with friends, schoolwork, and any not-so- good feelings.  Please contact me this year if I can help your child!

2. Study skills are the skills that create good habits and organization techniques that help students be successful in school. This week in Guidance we talked about the different skills that help students be better learners.' I have you have' study skills card game.

3. Study Skills Trivia- Study Skills Trivia contains study skill statements that are either positive study habits or poor study habits. There are three categories: homework habits, independence skills, and testing skills. Students were placed into teams and identified if a statement was a positive or negative study habit and explain. Students then created their own academic goal and identified what they are going to do to reach that goal. Academic goals will be visited again at the end of the trimester and students will be able to explore how they did. Stay tuned!
4. Direction and Goals- This week the 8th grade watched a 'Kid President' video on decision making. Students explored positive and negative decision making strategies and identified the consequences of each. 

5. Goals- Effective goal setting leads to less stress, greater and confidence. Goals are a way of taking control on how things turn out. This week our 8th graders identified what a goal is, explored the process, and benefits of setting goals. Students then identified a goal they would like to achieve by the end of the school and wrote a letter to themselves outlining their goal and steps they are going to take to achieve their goal. Students sealed their envelopes to be opened at the end of the year. Students will then reflect if they achieved their goal or if their direction and journey changed.


6. Emotional Management- Coping with stress: Coping with stress is an evolving skill that requires a lot of time, effort, practice and discipline to master.  It can be difficult to do even in adulthood. Stress is something that people are faced with regularly, and being able to effectively manage it is important for one's health and happiness. Students identified emotional and physical signs of stress. We explored the difference between coping and avoiding stress and discussed how avoiding stress leaves the situation unchanged and can worsen feelings. Students identified steps and strategies for coping with stress. Students learned the importance of deep breathing and participated in a mindfulness exercise.