7th Grade

1. Meet Your School Counselor Activity- This week I introduced myself and my role as your child's school counselor. I will be teaching classroom lessons and helping your child have a great year! School Counselors often check in with students to help them with friends, schoolwork, and any not-so- good feelings. Please contact me this year if I can help your child!

2. Study skills are the skills that create good habits and organization techniques that help students be successful in school. This week in Guidance we talked about the different skills that help students be better learners.' I have you have' study skills card game.

3. Study Skills Trivia- Study Skills Trivia contains study skill statements that are either positive study habits or poor study habits. There are three categories: homework habits, independence skills, and testing skills. Students were placed into teams and identified if a statement was a positive or negative study habit and explain. Students then created their own academic goal and identified what they are going to do to reach that goal. Academic goals will be visited again at the end of the trimester and students will be able to explore how they did. Stay tuned!

4. Direction and Goals- This week the 7th grade watched a 'Kid President' video on decision making. Students explored positive and negative decision making strategies and identified the consequences of each. 

5. Friendship- Healthy friendships begin with understanding boundaries and understanding social cues. Teasing can be playful or hurtful depending on many factors. This week students discussed the difference between mean and friendly teasing.

6. Gratitude- November is a perfect month to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Expressing feelings of thanks can decrease stress and increase feelings of belonging. Mindfully focusing on things we are grateful for, helps to improve our happiness, focus, and even our health. When we spend time thinking about things we are grateful for and how they positively impact our mind and bodies,  we give our physical and mental health a boost! This week students were lead through a  gratitude mindfulness exercise. Students then participated in a gratitude game.