* We will begin sending home homework assignments in October. *
   Homework will be sent home in your child’s folder on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week.  Please have your child complete it and return it to school the following day. 

    Tuesday’s homework will involve tracing and writing the letter of the week and drawing or cutting/ pasting pictures of three things that begin with that letter.  You may also use photographs of family members or friends whose names begin with the letter.  Please be sure to assist your child with his/her homework to ensure that he/she is maintaining the proper pencil grasp and correct letter formation. 

    Thursday’s homework will focus on math concepts such as patterning, counting, number recognition, writing numerals etc.

    We will be sending home leaflets from our two religion programs weekly.  Take the time to look through them with your child and encourage him/her to share what he/she remembers from our discussions and stories from our religion circle meeting. We will also be sending home a set of puppets that go along with the stories from the “Stories of God’s Love” program that we use in our class. Your child will enjoy acting out the stories using the puppets while you read.


Please make sure your child's name is on the homework page and return it to school the next day in the folder.