Mrs. Christensen's
2018-2019 School Year


The Kindergarten class is working hard at adjusting to their new routine.  They have been busy making new friends. We will be focusing on recognizing and writing letters, numbers and our names.  It's Going To Be An Amazing Year!! Thank you for SHARING your children with us~

PHOTO DAY~(disregard Fridays notice)
Monday - No Gym Uniforms, Wear SUNDAY BEST.
Tuesday - Wear School Uniform for Group Photos!!

 Kindergarten Mission Statement

We promise to learn and always try our best.
We promise to listen and follow directions
We promise to love and be kind and polite to our friends.
We promise to make good choices and be leaders by always doing what is right.

Lunch Reminders:     
Monday-Thursday lunch  must be ordered with a coupon. Lunch comes with a choice of 1% milk, skim milk or choc milk. Please write your choice on the order of your envelope.
Fridays are pizza days. You can may pizza for $2 a slice. CASH ONLY. No drink is provided with pizza.

Below you will find some important information to help make the year easier. 

*When completing homework please make sure your child is doing their neatest and best work. When writing please ensure that they are using the correct letter formation (refer to the page inside their notebook) and that they are using the lines correctly. Make sure you are referring to the homework sheet to only do that day's homework

If your child has any dismissal changes please send in a note or call the school and leave a message for me. Do not rely on email as I am busy working with the children and may not be able to check my email until 3 pm.

Please label your child's uniform sweaters and sweatshirts.

Scholastic Book Orders

Below is the link to place your Scholastic book order online:

Taught By

Class Profile

Subject: Kindergarten
Monday: Gym/Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Technology
Thursday: Music
Friday: Library